An emerging Indie band from the North East of England, Plastic Glass are a group of lads determined to make a mark on the Indie scene. Brought together as a combination of school friends and meeting their singer through the Genfactor competition.


Driven by a DIY ethos and an optimistic outlook on the future, we hope to bring the culmination of our many influences (including The Verve, Reverend And The Makers, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Stone Roses and many more) to anyone that wants to listen to it!


Writing our their own tracks from the very first rehearsal, Lewis (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Dylan (Lead Guitar), Ben (Bass) and Frazer (Drums) have composed and produced the bedroom-recorded For You / Keep Talking single which was released in July 2018.


The single was followed up with the release of the highly acclaimed Broken Town EP in February 2019. The tracks were recorded over a 12 hour stint with Harbourmaster at the Custom Space studio in South Shields.


Following on from their debut headliner gig at Pop Recs, in 2018 they had a successful rest of the year supporting Sunderland favourites The Lake Poets and Social Room.

Since then they have begun to push on selling out several North East headline shows and starting to work with top companies such as This Feeling and Scruff of the Neck.

One reviewer said:

"Great live band, mixing original tracks with Indie anthems and a sprinkling of 60's classics... Taking to the stage like seasoned professionals, and keeping the audience engrossed, their debut gig at Pop Recs was a sellout and surely a sign of things to come for these four highly talented musicians!"

Band Bio's:

Lewis Conlin:

Lewis is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and all round front man of the band. With his terrible jokes and witty personality he is the perfect front man. It must be said that Lewis is the most unorganised person in the world but even he would agree to that. Unlike the other three lads Lewis did not meet with them in school, he met Frazer and Dylan through a local talent competition - Genfactor. Lewis had entered as a solo artist singing, playing acoustic guitar, and Frazer and Dylan were in as part of Saturn Highway, eventual winners of the competition, whilst Lewis was also a finalist. One thing led to another and Lewis agreed he would like to join a band with the lads, roughly a year later we actually began to rehearse and Lewis became the singer of Plastic Glass. Lewis’ biggest influences come from his personal favourite bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Oasis and Queen. 

Dylan Abbott:

Dylan is the lead guitarist of the band whilst also having a strong contribution to song-writing. Dylan met Ben and Frazer at secondary school and was involved in many bands with the two of them through his school years. He met with Lewis at the Genfactor competition whilst he and Frazer were performing with ex-band Saturn Highway. Dylan has been playing the guitar from a very young age and has so far achieved a Grade 7. He brings great influences such as Jimi Hendrix, The Stone Roses and Pink Floyd to his guitar playing and to his song-writing for the band. Prior to forming Plastic Glass, Dylan, Ben and Frazer have regularly supported Tom 'Mouse' Smith on stage at Kendal Calling, Sunniside Live and even had the opportunity to support the Blockheads, of Ian Dury fame, at Durham Gala Theatre.

Ben Richardson:

Ben is the bass player of the band, also adding in out of tune backing vocals from time to time. Ben met Dylan and Frazer at secondary school and they introduced him to Lewis’. Throughout school Ben had played in bands with Dylan and Frazer and had always been a guitarist. When it came to starting this new band a bass player was needed and Ben was the ‘chosen one.’ His many musical influences come mainly from the indie scene with The Stone Roses, DMA’s and obviously The Beatles. He has also taken on the role alongside Dylan of essentially band management, responsible for sourcing gigs and driving a lot of the social media aspects of the band.


Frazer Graham:

Frazer is the drummer and designated driver of the band. Another one who was at school with Ben and Dylan from secondary age playing with them in bands most notably with Dylan in Saturn Highway where they met Lewis. Frazer is a diploma level drummer and highly accredited in the area after winning the regional final of the Yamaha drum competition and going on to perform in the national finals. Although he struggles to stop playing between songs when people are talking he plays with inimitable aplomb during the songs. Frazer takes influences from great drummers such as Matt McGuire, Ben Minal and Luke Holland - and probably Animal from the Muppets!

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